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Olympic Removals is your best choice for international relocation. We have an extensive network of partners and highly trained staff to take on the job. We cover all areas of your removal, always with the best service and a smile on our faces. We are here to make your relocation easy, fast and very happy. Olympic Removals is exactly the company you've been looking for! Just keep on reading a bit and you will find more great reasons why we are the best solution for your removal.

International relocation made easy

Moving is a long and difficult process and it's challenging at many levels. Sometimes you are relocating due to some great opportunity or project that motivates you and makes you feel happy; other times, not so much. Whatever your reason is and no matter what situation you're going through, you can always count on Olympic Removals to handle everything and get the job done. We will lift the burden off your shoulders and take care of all aspects of your removal, so you can focus on what requires your attention. 


It is very complex to move to a different country because you have paperwork to do, sales and purchases to perform, lots of preparation and learning, school commuting and so much more. Don't let the relocation itself be one more thing on your mind. You can entrust Olympic Removals with your belongings as well as all packing and wrapping duties. We will treat your goods with extreme care; our staff is 100% professional and carefully trained, so they will handle everything the way it should be done. All your parcels will get to your new home safely, guaranteed and insured. 

All popular destinations available

Some relocation companies have a very narrow field of action, only working within the UK or with just a few countries. However, we at Olympic Removals reach all popular destinations for UK expats. We have almost every country in Europe in our portfolio, and in many of those we have logistics partners that help us provide the best, fastest and more economic service. You will see your parcels arriving and in place in no time. 

We also reach the United States, the most popular UK expat destination. All states and areas covered. Since 2004, we have also extended our activities to Australia, starting up with the Sidney area and now proudly extended to the whole country. If you want to relocate to any of these destinations, Olympic Removals is definitely your best choice! Contact us now and find out more about how to get started with your removal. You can request a quotation free of compromise and learn more about our services!

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